First Ever ‘Augmented’ Skiing World Championships Takes Place In Alpe d’Huez, France

The first ever Augmented World Skiing Championships has taken place in the French ski resort of Alpe d’Huez with hundreds of people attending the weekend of competition and just under 50 people entering the race itself.

The event is designed for skiers who are assisted with exoskeleton devices such as ski~mojo.

A giant slalom race and a ski trail tournament made up the competitive elements of a weekend that included socialising and meeting like-minded skiers who all use exoskeleton devices when skiing. The founder and organiser of the event Ophélie David, is a former member of the French Alpine Ski Team.

The men’s giant slalom winner was former British Team skier Ashley Kay with a time of 61.61 seconds with the women’s number one spot going to former Australian Winter Olympic skier, Marilla Guss with a time of 63.32 seconds, giving her second place overall in the competition.

Ashley Kay, now a ski teacher based in the 3 Valley’s, said:

It was great to be part of this competition, the first ever of its kind. I’m sure we will see it grow over the coming years and attract even more serious racers, without losing the fun and welcoming atmosphere that is inclusive to all levels. I’ll definitely be back again next year to defend my GS title!

Tirion Hannaford from the company ski~mojo, one of the official event partners, who attended the World Championships and participated in the race, said:

There was such an amazing buzz and energy around the whole weekend. Lots of people including myself had never done a ‘proper’ race before. The ski~mojo gave me a sense of security as I knew even pushing myself my knee was secure and even if I had fallen the mojo would have protected me. Lots of spectators had come out of interest to see a ski~mojo in action and there will be more happy ski~mojo users on the slopes. Bring on next year’s race – can’t wait!

Official Results Of The Giant Slalom Race

1st place: Ashley Kay, GB
2nd place: Marilla Guss, Aus
3rd place: Stéphane Deroo, FR

Anyone interested in registering for the 2021 Augmented Skiing World Championships should contact the organisers through the ski~mojo website or at

Company Information

Specially developed using medical insights in Great Britain, ski~mojo is a light weight skiing support that uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension. ski~mojo supplements the power of the leg muscles, this in turn reduces impact, substantially delays muscle fatigue and alleviates leg and knee pain. The ski~mojo is an exoskeleton for the legs with a comfortable knee support containing powerful springs. Easy to use and worn under ski pants the ski~mojo is totally discreet.

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