Content Marketing, SEO or PR?

As a PR company we create expert content for our clients and distribute this content to relevant media. Traditionally, this was a press release to relevant journalists but with changing technology this is now to a variety of sources including digital (which is reaching bigger audiences than ever before) and social media.

This makes the growing trend towards content marketing easy for PR companies as we are already doing it… creating a content strategy, creating expert content, using our targeted contacts\partners to get your message out and measuring your campaign’s effectiveness.
Add a little IT expertise into this and we can evaluate your website for full Search Engine & Social Media Optimisation.

Content Marketing Google Trend
Google Trend for searching of the term ‘content marketing’.

If you are a snow sports company, it makes sense for us to create your content. We are experts in your field and ‘know’ snow sports.We have access to a large pool of specialist snow sports writers and have media contacts\partnerships throughout the snow sports industry.

We also have the technical expertise to evaluate your website and then create a content strategy to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

This is how we can do it for you:

SEO\Content Marketing Packages

1. The Set-up
Carry out a full analysis of your website:

Content Marketing SEO set-up price
  • Website Audit – check site is fully optimised for search engines and social media.
  • Content Audit – check existing content is matched to content strategy.
  • Competition Analysis – look at what competitors are doing and target strategy to beat them.
  • Keyword Analysis – look at what is being searched for and plan content strategy around this.

2. The Plan


content marketing price
  • Produce initial content strategy plan and schedule using your website analysis (see above).
  • Produce 3 articles a month published on your company blog and\or other relevant websites.
  • Promotion through our social media channels of the published articles.
  • Provide monthly report to measure campaign success.

*We can offer articles on an individual basis or just run your Blog, if required.