Alpine Property intelligence

Snow covered property in the Alps

Alpine Property intelligence launched for the 2018-19 winter sports season and offers buyers interested in purchasing an Alpine property a way to view listings with a wide choice of agents across the Alps. Rental operators also have the chance to list properties alongside those for sale, creating a unique offering in the property market that provides consumers more options and focus than anything else currently available.

Within less than 6 months of operation, the website had €400 million worth of property listed for sale.

There’s a strong content element to the website, with property experts contributing on a regular basis, covering stories that include travel, lifestyle, advice and property news. Each resort page features a commentary on the local property market with observations on pricing and value, and the types of property available. The site is presented in English, French and German with the aim of reaching a truly international audience.

Alpine Property intelligence was founded by Charlie McKee and David Bhagat, seasoned skiers and experts in the Alpine property market. They both bring a high level of expertise and contacts from their extensive knowledge of the Alpine property scene, combined with careers in the investment banking industry.



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