No More Boots

No More Boots started with the mission statement: ‘making access to fun – easier for all’ and was founded by Andreas and Oscar, two guys with a passion for skiing and outdoor life.

They were then joined by a number of ski loving investors with experience from competitive skiing at a national level to professional boot fitters and rental ski shop owners.

No More Boots enhances the workflow within ski rental shops with the SkiCklicker and now the Boot Bib product.

The SkiClicker™ is a solution for optimized workflow with benefits for skier and ski rental staff as well as ski rental owners. Working with SkiClicker™ eliminates the use of ski boots for binding adjustments. The core of the concept is the patented SkiClicker™ Sole, a length-adjusted tool for binding pre setting adjustments.

The Boot Bib™ performs two key functions – firstly, to make it much easier to slip ski boots on, especially on cold mornings when the plastic is at its hardest.
Secondly, to ensure the liner is protected whilst removing it from the shell after a day on the slopes.