4x Olympian Chemmy Alcott has provided insights into snow goggle care at elite sport level which can help every skier and snowboarder focus on their day on the snow.

Chemmy said:

“Goggles provide eye protection from wind, snow, sun and glare – they are an essential piece of kit for skiers and snowboarders. Good vision is fundamental to the snowsport experience. Having goggles which fit the face and helmet, provide protection and look great can be the difference between a fabulous day and one you want to forget.
I’m fortunate to work with Panda Optics to develop goggles which are technical, innovative, and at the forefront of eyewear for skiing. Plus Panda Optics is a British company so it’s great to help design, test and develop the growing range of snow goggles.
Knowing how to choose, use and protect your goggles enables them to perform for you under the harshest conditions for years to come.”

Here Are Chemmy’s Top Tips For Snow Goggles

  • Get the best goggles that you can afford – as the saying goes buy well, buy once. Panda Optics goggles are in my opinion unbeatable. The quality of the lenses and frames means they will enhance the ski and ride experience with polarising lenses to reduce glare, increased visibility and a field of vision that maintains the peripheral vision you normally enjoy.
  • If you are a glasses wearer choose a goggle which will fit over your glasses, you may be on the mountain but being able to read signs, piste maps and your smart phone shouldn’t be compromised..
  • Sun screening – Look after your eyes by choosing goggles with lenses which protect harmful UV rays. Sunlight reflects off the snow so even on cloudy days wearing a lens which provides UV protection is important..
  • Protect and prolong – Use a protective case for your second lens. Looked after goggles can last a long time before they need replacing. Panda Optics have developed a new lightweight case which fits neatly inside your ski jacket, so you will always have the right lens for the conditions..
  • Using a lens cover when not wearing the goggles can really help to protect the lens. A bump when getting into or out of a ski gondola can scratch or damage a lens, so if it’s necessary to ride a few lifts to start the day then leave a lens cover on..
  • The weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains so goggles should always be taken for ski days, along with sunglasses. Knowing the weather forecast and being prepared for varying conditions should be part of the ski day routine..
  • Get the same quality of goggle for youngsters as for yourself. Panda Optics offers the same lens quality in a children’s goggle, helping you to look after young eyes and helping them see in even limited visibility conditions..
  • Hair be gone – hair inside the goggles can allow moisture to seep into the goggles causing a goggle lens to steam up. So whether it is adults or children hair is best kept out of the way..
  • Moisture is the enemy – Goggles on a snowy or wet helmet or hat will mean they steam up when you next put them on your face. So on snowy days try to leave goggles in place on the face..

Chemmy said:

“I am fortunate to have an ongoing test and development input with Panda Optics goggles. My favourite models in the range are the exciting new Dual Vision goggles for adults, and the Cub goggles for children. There really are goggles for everyone and they represent great value for money.”

Panda Optics offers a range of snow goggles, sunglasses and accessories.

Chemmy Alcott – Bio

Chemmy Alcott – As a 4 x Winter Olympian, a career high ranking of 8th in the World, 7 x British National Overall Champion and the only British female skier to ever win a run in a World Cup, Chemmy Alcott is widely regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever skiers.

In 2018, Chemmy became a well-loved BBC Winter Olympic Sport Commentator. She was enthusiastic, empathetic and gave a unique insight into the games that only someone who has been through the experience as an athlete could give.

Currently Chemmy is presenting BBC Ski Sunday, and looking after her two young boys.

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