Jan Farrell, Great Britain’s most successful speed skier in recent history and world record holder, is announcing his retirement following a successful career spanning ten years in the sport that includes in Speed 2 category: 4 World Cup wins and an overall FIS World Cup Champion position during the 2014 season.

Farrell has made the decision based on his family commitments and following the Covid-19 crisis, as his responsibilities and focus was needed at home and not on the slopes. Despite his retirement, Farrell will continue to play an important role in the development of the sport, something he has tirelessly worked on for many years already, alongside promoting winter sports in general, especially in Spain where he is based for most of the year.

A successful entrepreneur, Farrell will continue to oversee the running of his company Liberalia, which he founded at the age of 18. He is planning to donate all of his profits from any snowsports activities to the charitable foundation, Fundación También, a Spanish based organisation he has known and supported for many years.

A statement from Jan Farrell:

“Like many people, after a rather turbulent year, I’m experiencing a lot of changes in my life, as well as tackling difficulties as they come. Therefore I have made the decision to retire from elite sport due to my new family situation and because of the current COVID-19 wave in which I feel responsible with the people that surround me, reducing the risk by not travelling. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has shared this wonderful journey: my support team, journalists, fans, sponsors, ski resorts, race organisers and my rivals who have always pushed me to my limits.

A huge thank you to my discipline. It has given me so much in life, greatly contributing to who I am today. It has helped me get to know myself, overcome myself, become more competitive, manage and rationalise fear (particularly after my crash in 2016 at 216 kph) and to use scientific methodology to work on my concentration in extreme situations.

I will continue to support young talents with my training and technical know-how, as well as permitting them to use all my equipment. I will continue my relationship with the sport, aspiring to help it become an important winter discipline with a widespread following.

Whatever my circumstances, I will always be involved with sports and sharing its benefits with everyone. I have reached the conclusion that to achieve this, the best set-up is a charitable foundation. I plan on organising different types of events to raise funds for causes related to snow.

This season I will donate all profits from my snowsport activities to the Spanish ‘Fundación También’, an inspiring group of people that I’ve known for a long time and who bring disabled people to the snow. I’ve reached an agreement to raise a minimum of € 5,000 for them this season, and for the first event. We’ll be taking 20 children with cerebral palsy and from low-income backgrounds skiing, for the first time in Madrid SnowZone, indoor ski centre”.

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