• Fjord’s Mountain Mission’ is a new illustrated book for children, combining the life of a rescue dog and his handler, Caroline, with safety tips for kids to take to the slopes.
  • Written by Caroline Elliott, qualified French Ski Patroller and avalanche dog handler.
  • Endorsed by the International Ski Federation (FIS), International Ski Patrol Federation (FIPS) and snow safety brand ORTOVOX.
  • Part of the profits (20-30%) to go to snow safety charity, Fjordsar.
  • Officially launches on Wednesday December 8, 2021.

Fjord’s Mountain mission is a new book based on the real-life adventures of Fjord, the avalanche rescue dog that worked in the Pyrenean Mountains, with his handler and book’s author, Caroline Elliott.

Readers can learn about the adventures of their working days in the mountains, from routine tasks to electrifying avalanche rescues. Throughout the chapters, coloured information boxes will help children to understand different aspects of their work.

The book is colourfully illustrated by Evgenia Malina, a UK based graphic artist originally from Almaty, the mountain city in southern Kazakhstan. The illustrations form a major part of the book and bring Fjord and all the other characters involved, to life in a fun and refreshing way.

Caroline Elliott, author and Ski Patroller, said:

“Mountains have always loomed large in my life, always there on my horizon beckoning me towards them. But whilst awe inspiring and life enhancing, mountains also demand respect as there are potential dangers for those with a lack of knowledge. I have slowly gathered all my snow adventures together along with precious memories of my incredible avalanche dog, Fjord. Little by little, I created this book for children, a book all about how to stay safe in the winter resorts.

I want everyone to feel the deep joy I have felt there, but I also want everyone to be safe. I don’t have all the answers and neither does this book; it is though based on tried and tested knowledge from years of experience working in the mountains”.

Fjord’s Mountain Mission is endorsed by the International Ski Federation (FIS), International Ski Patrol Federation (FIPS) and snow safety brand ORTOVOX.

The book is out on December 8th, 2021 and is available from good book stores including Waterstones.

RRP: £14.99

Snow safety charity: www.fjordsar.com.

Comments About The Book From Well-Known Winter Sports And Mountain Personalities

Jenny Jones – Olympic bronze medallist / Triple X Games gold medallist, TV presenter.

“This book is a lovely way to highlight the bond between a dog and a human and how their work in the mountains can save lives. The snowy mountains are a fantastic place to play but, as many of us know, can have hidden dangers. This story highlights how snow patrol teams constantly keep people safe from the hidden dangers of the mountains and rescue those injured or in trouble. I have a massive appreciation for all those who work in this field, especially our four-legged friends.”

Chemmy Alcott – Former Alpine World Cup and Olympic ski racer, ski coach and TV presenter.

“Being a mother and a ski racing coach, I value safety and enjoyment on the slopes. I love taking risks, you don’t choose a life as a downhill ski racer and wrap yourself in cotton wool; you would never reach your maximum potential. I always weighed up whether the risk was worth the rush. This book will help children make good decisions too.”

Menna Fitzpatrick MBE, a visually impaired Alpine ski racer and Para Olympian & Major Jennifer Kehoe MBE, her sighted guide.

“The mountains are special to us – our happy place where we feel free but…we know there can be hidden dangers. Menna can’t always see the dangers so we work as a team to keep each other safe. Fjord’s Mountain Mission is a great way to learn about the skills that everyone needs to help them enjoy the mountains safely. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we did and it helps you to chase your dreams in the mountains, like we continue to do.”

Cathy O’Dowd – 1st woman in the world to climb Everest from both sides.

“Snow is beautiful, snowflakes falling in their millions from the sky, each one unique. But snow can also be dangerous, we don’t want to get buried underneath it! And that’s where Fjord and his human can help us. They can teach us how to enjoy the fun and avoid the risks. And they can come and find us if something does go wrong. This is the story of a dog and a human working together to keep us all safe as we enjoy the beauty of the winter.”

About Evgenia Malina

Evgenia born and grew up in Almaty, a city in the foothills of the Alatau mountains in Kazakhstan. She worked as a graphic designer for 15 years including at the international advertising agency Leo Burnett. She has continued as a freelancer since moving to the UK and changed her career to illustrating. She enjoys drawing humorous characters in a sketchy effortless style.

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