• Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott joins Alto.Ski and states, ‘it’s the future of lift passes’
  • The British tech company launches wooden ski passes to continue reducing plastic waste
  • New partner integrations continue with Skiset rental services
  • More resorts planned for this winter as the new way of accessing the slopes saves money and time

Olympic skier and Great Britain’s most successful female downhill ski racer, Chemmy Alcott, has joined the British ski technology company Alto.Ski, comparing the experience to using the Oyster card in London.

The four times Winter Olympian, 7 times World Championship skier and 7 times overall British champion skier has endorsed Alto.Ski and understands the benefits of having a ‘pay-as-you-go’ lift pass that saves money, time and hassle, so skiers and snowboarders can get on the mountain faster.

The company has also launched its service with a new wooden lift pass that skiers can keep time and time again. This seriously reduces plastic waste and means you just need one pass for every ski trip.

The Alto.Ski app also delivers a whole host of other benefits through its strong partnerships including ski and snowboard rental through Europe’s number one network, Skiset. Convenient ski insurance is also just one button away.

Chemmy Alcott said:

“I’m so excited to come on board with Alto.Ski, I feel it’s the future of lift passes. When the world is moving at such a crazy pace and we are working so hard, we have seen a rise of the spontaneous traveller. That spontaneous traveller wants to find a destination to go skiing at, be there and on the slopes. They don’t want to faff around with lift queues and logistics. It will be like the Oyster card in London. Imagine if a few destinations in London had said no to the Oyster card, I can guarantee no one would go there. The Oyster card makes travelling in London ridiculously easy, you hop on you hop off and you’re there, that is what we are trying to provide for the mountains. I think Alto.Ski is an incredible innovation, it’s going to make life easier, so we can spend more time on the slopes and less time on the computer”.

Joining Alto.Ski is easy, simply download the Alto.Ski app and order an Alto.Ski card by providing payment details. The Alto.Ski card will be sent in the post, QR code scanned by the user and it’s ready to use. Once registered, skiers and snowboarders can use all the functions available.

More About Alto.Ski

The pay-as-you-go system provides skiers and snowboarders a flexible ski pass solution that means they only pay for what they use and they will always get the best price for the time they spend on the slopes.

Modern and convenient
With Alto.Ski, there’s no queuing at ticket desks when arriving at the resort. The card is activated during the registration process and connected to the app – skiers can start using the lifts immediately. The card is compatible with the electronic ticket gates that all ski resorts use.

Hassle-free insurance
Skiers can subscribe to daily ski insurance by clicking a single button on Alto.Ski + premium page. The insurance will be activated only after the skier passes through the first gate of the day and will be valid for 24h. Countries such as Italy now legally require insurance for all skiers and snowboarders and it’s possible to purchase a policy right up to the last minute, before hitting the slopes.

Available on iPhone: apps.apple.com/gb/app/alto-ski/id1490832890
Available on Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.altoski

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