Alto.Ski is a UK-based technology company that offers skiers and snowboarders a variety of services through its app.

Alto.Ski’s is a pay-as-you-go ski pass – connected to a phone app – that allows skiers and snowboarders to go straight to the ski slopes without having to queue at the ticket office or pay in advance.

It’s a more flexible kind of skiing where payment is made for the time spent on the slopes, whether that’s for a half day, full day or multi day ticket.

Instead of having to pay for lift tickets before hitting the slopes, there’s an automatic bill at the end of each day’s skiing, at the best available rate in that ski resort.

Plus, as well as ski tickets, there’s a flexible daily ski insurance package – available through the Alto.Ski+ premium subscription or purchased on a daily basis via the App.

Alto.Ski doesn’t charge the user any more for a ski pass and can help them save money. Alto.Ski works with ski resorts across the Alps and is looking to expand its portfolio during the 2022-23 winter season.