• HAT tour re-launches following two year COVID break
  • New focus on application of risk reduction measures with off-piste framework
  • Talks to be held in England and Scotland in partnership with leading winter sports retailer Ellis Brigham
  • A series of avalanche transceiver sessions around the country are also scheduled
  • A number of online webinars are planned before the tour

Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) is back during autumn 2022 with the ORTOVOX off-piste tour, including talks from HAT founder Henry Schniewind in 16 venues across England and Scotland. The tour will also include a number of outdoor avalanche transceiver training sessions led by members of the HAT team.

The events are aimed at all skiers and snowboarders looking to venture off-piste or go ski touring: from beginners (as a point of departure) to the more experienced (as a guide to focus on accident reduction) and even for professionals (as a client-training tool and memory aid).

There are two tiers of HAT talks, the Essentials and In-Depth. It’s crucial that participants join an Essentials Talk before attending the In-Depth one.

The message of the 2022 talks is how to implement accident reduction measures to prevent being caught in an avalanche, when considering that 90% of all avalanche accidents are caused by the victims. The goal of HAT is to help skiers get the most from their time in the mountains, stay safe and have fun.

Henry will be giving an accident reduction card to everyone that attends the talks. This includes the HAT accident reduction framework which contains prompts to help skiers apply key points to reduce avalanche accidents and to stay safe.

Henry said:

“Using aids like this is a proven technique to help people apply the key safety points that can keep them as safe around avalanche terrain as the risks we encounter in our everyday activities, such as driving a car if they are applied”.

FREE offer and more information: In view of this year’s Tour, Henry has made a new FREE Mini Talk entitled ‘Avalanche Safety in 15 minutes’, which underscores the HAT ‘Safety is Freedom’ spirit.

“A great point of departure for helping people apply the key points for safer, more enjoyable ventures off-piste and ski touring. It can save your life”.

The HAT framework for skiers includes the question ‘Is it safe’? The answer is, ‘it depends on you’. The framework highlights three areas including the decision making process of ‘where you go’, the risk reduction measures of ‘how you go’ and finally the crisis management scenarios when ‘preparing for rescue’. These kinds of frameworks are used in other areas including the military, aviation and surgery.

Says Anthony “AB” Bourke, Keynote Speaker and CEO of Mach 2 Air Shows, said:

“As a former F-16 pilot and United Airlines pilot I strongly believe in Henry’s suggested use of checklists, frameworks and memory aids for all skiers who are going off piste. His disciplined approach has saved numerous lives in the world of aviation and healthcare and will continue to help make skiers safer off-piste and touring”.

The HAT framework ‘quick view’ is available here.

2022 Tour Dates

Tuesday, 1 November – Ellis Brigham Covent Garden (Essentials)
Wednesday, 2 November – Ellis Brigham Covent Garden (In depth)
Tuesday, 8 November – Ellis Brigham St Pauls (Essentials)
Wednesday, 9 November – Ellis Brigham St Pauls (In depth)
Monday, 14 November – Ellis Brigham Milton Keynes (Essentials)
Tuesday, 15 November – Ellis Brigham Milton Keynes (In depth)
Wednesday, 16 November – Ellis Brigham Manchester (Essentials)
Thursday, 17 November – Ellis Brigham Manchester (In depth)
Friday, 18 November – Kendal (Essentials)
Saturday, 19 November – Kendal
Sunday, 20 November – Kendal
Monday, 21 November – Ellis Brigham Braehead (Essentials)
Tuesday, 22 November – Ellis Brigham Braehead (In depth)
Wednesday, 23 November – Ellis Brigham Tamworth (Essentials)
Thursday, 24 November – Ellis Brigham Tamworth (In depth)
Wednesday, 30 November – Ellis Brigham Bristol (Essentials)

Avalanche Transceiver Training Sessions

Saturday, 5 November – Wimbledon Common
Sunday, 6 November – Wimbledon Common
Saturday, 12 November – Sandbanks
Sunday, 13 November – Sandbanks
Saturday, 19 November – Manchester
Sunday, 20 November – Manchester
Saturday, 26 November – Wimbledon Common
Sunday, 27 November – Wimbledon Common
Sunday, 18 December – Wimbledon Common
Saturday, 7 January – Sandbanks
Sunday, 8 January – Wimbledon Common
Saturday, 18 February – Wimbledon Common
Sunday, 19 February – Wimbledon Common

Webinars (all 18:00 hrs)

Monday, 10 October
Monday, 17 October
Monday, 24 October


Hi Henry.
A BIG BIG thank you to yourself this week. Just passed my (International
Mountain Safety) final exam. Thank you for all your help.
BASI Level 4 ISTD Instructor

Hi Henry
…Just wanted to let you know that Lewis, Marco and I all passed
our (International Mountain Safety) exam … So thanks again for your help.
It was such a valuable course and we all learnt so much!
Regards, Dave
BASI Level 4 ISTD Instructor

Everyone who ventures off piste needs to attend both Henry’s Essentials
and In-depth talks. Great insight shared in a very down-to-earth way, with
the message that skiing in the backcountry *can* be relatively safe *if* a
set structure for decision making is applied every single time you go out. I
highly recommend HAT, even if you’re already an experienced off-piste
skier or snowboarder. (everyone can always consolidate knowledge and
learn new stuff.)
Ash Smith | off piste and ski tourer | Founder and director of
Sapaudia Brewing Co., Moutiers, Savoie, France

Henry Schniewind has worked in collaboration with The French Avalanche
Association (ANENA) for years. His superb accident prevention work has
prevented over 100 avalanche deaths over the last three decades
according to recent estimates.
Dominique Létang, Director French Avalanche Association (ANENA)

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